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OPT Reporting, Validation, and Travel

OPT Reporting

OPT is a continuation of your F-1 visa status so you are still required to report address changes and other contact information changes within 10 days of the change. Once approved for OPT, you will need to report changes in your employment information and address information using the SEVP OPT Portal. SEVP will send you an email with instructions to set up your login. 

Post-Completion OPT Reporting:

  STEM OPT Reporting:

OPT Validation

While on OPT you must report every six months to validate your information.
  1. Click the OPT Login button below
    • Login with your non-Cal Poly email used for this site. If you do not remember your login, email and ask for a password reset for this site.
  2. On your User Home Page, select either your current Optional Practical Training (OPT) (F-M) program or your STEM OPT Extension (F-M) if you have an approved STEM OPT extension.
  3. Answer the appropriate validation questionnaire(s).
Ready to validate? Use this OPT Login‚Äč link, then navigate to your STEM OPT Extension (F/M) or your Optional Practical Training (OPT) (F/M) application.

Travel While on OPT - must have:

  • OPT I-20 with a valid travel signature (located on page 2)
    • Although Form I-20 indicates a validity period of one year for travel signatures, visa regulations set a shorter validity period of 6 months for travel signatures on I-20s used by students on post-completion OPT
  • Letter from employer
  • Valid F-1 student visa (entry permit)
  • Valid passport
  • EAD card
  • Here is a grid showing levels of risk for traveling during different stages of OPT processing and employment